Western Ghost Stories

Thirteen Press has gone ahead with their publication of Western Ghost Stories, which is available in kindle and paperback forms. Mine is the first story, nicely enough, so I’m the one who gets in the kindle preview. Awesome. 

Time to Rhyme. Or Not.

  • Mslexia’s Women’s Poetry Competition is open until 17th June. Ladies, do enter. It’s a great magazine.
  • In the wake of Pill Hill Press’s demise, Miles Boothe has set up his own publishing company, Emby Press. He’s got a few calls for submissions up for those who are interested in monsters. And who isn’t?
  • I’m doing a writing course at the Isle of Wight College.  It’s certainly sparked some ideas, but I think novel writing was a bit of an ambitious aim. I have no idea at all how my novel is going to end 😉

Gunslinging Robots and Other News

I have another article up on Ferretbrain – What Kind of Park *is* This, a review of the film Westworld.

Once Upon an Apocalypse passed on my submission, although it got into the final ten in the slush pile. May have to retire that story for a little while, as fairytale/zombie mashups aren’t to everyone’s taste.

My At Year’s End sub is through the first hurdle and apparently with a panel of readers. Fingers crossed 🙂

Also, I’m sucking at NaNoWriMo this year.

Fly, My Pretties, Fly

Stories and poems currently loose in the wild:

One story to Once Upon an Apocalypse. Latest Facebook update says that unrejected stories have been shortlisted, so I’m crossing my fingers.

One Story to At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories – this market is open until 2nd November if you’d like a bit of the action.

One story to Le Carnival Grotesqe.

One poem to Mslexia – this market is always open to woman writers, so check the website if you’d like to submit.

Anthology – Ghost Stories Western Style II

Dorothy Davies has accepted my short story Revenge and the Railway Dead for her anthology Ghost Stories Western Style II

Also, I recently received the proof for Conquest Through Determination. There are some damn good stories in there.

Anthology – Conquest Through Determination

I just had my short story Sternum Flint’s Mechanical Heart accepted into the steampunk anthology Conquest Through Determination, edited by Miles Boothe and Deana Roberts.

For just 3000 words, it took me a ridiculously long time to write. Still, I rather like the title.

Also, I’ve been going back and forth on what byline to use – Sonia or Son. I’m thinking it’s going to be Son from now on. Sonia Mitchell is just too much of a mouthful, and it probably won’t hurt to have a mildly androgynous name.
Besides, everyone calls me Son these days. It’s easier to draw out into Soooonnnnnnn….? when they want something.

Anthology – Weird City 3

Weird City 3, an urban fantasy anthology edited by George Wilhite, is currently awaiting editing. I’ll have a 3500 word story in there called The Archester Minotaurs. It’s another vampire one, with some minotaurs thrown in for good measure.

I don’t think there are enough minotaur stories around.