Swift as the Coursing River

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In 2017 I joined the Merchant Navy. They have not succeeded in making a man out of me, although I can tie a bowline, climb a mast and decipher a radar picture.

This has left me with rather little time for writing. I hope to return in due course.


Western Ghost Stories

Thirteen Press has gone ahead with their publication of Western Ghost Stories, which is available in kindle and paperback forms. Mine is the first story, nicely enough, so I’m the one who gets in the kindle preview. Awesome. 


It turns out that the Ghost Stories Western Style II anthology fell through after Static Press had a lull in publishing that ended up outliving the contract for the stories in it. But hey ho, these things happen. Things have presumably been happening behind the scenes, because a few of the editors have now got together to form a new imprint, Thirteen Press.

The upshot is that ‘Revenge and the Railway Dead’ is now contracted to their anthology Western Ghost Stories, which has a tentative publication date of March. They also have several calls for submissions for other anthologies. 

Currently working on:

  • A superhero monster story for Emby Press.
  • I also had a story shortlisted months ago by World Weaver Press, but they seem to be concentrating on novels at the moment so we’ll see. 

Time to Rhyme. Or Not.

  • Mslexia’s Women’s Poetry Competition is open until 17th June. Ladies, do enter. It’s a great magazine.
  • In the wake of Pill Hill Press’s demise, Miles Boothe has set up his own publishing company, Emby Press. He’s got a few calls for submissions up for those who are interested in monsters. And who isn’t?
  • I’m doing a writing course at the Isle of Wight College.  It’s certainly sparked some ideas, but I think novel writing was a bit of an ambitious aim. I have no idea at all how my novel is going to end 😉